Friday, November 15, 2013

do you know how much fat you comsume each day?

Assalamualaikum semua

please pay attention. this is all about you and fat. just a short one. happy reading~~
- Hard Fact to Swallow -

1 teaspoon (tsp) = 5g of fat

 1 piece of roti canai = 2 tsp
1 piece of currypuff = 2 tsp
1 piece of rempeyek = 1 tsp
1 whole regular french fries = 3 tsp
1 double burger = 6 tsp
1 piece of crispy fried drumstick = 4 tsp
1 glass of milk shake = 2 tsp
1 plate of fried koay teow = 4 tsp
1 plate of nasi briyani (rice only) = 3 tsp
1 piece of doughnut = 2 tsp
mayonnaise = 1 tsp
salad dressing = 1 tsp

Why should we cut down on fats?

fat is the most concentrated source of energy (calories). eating too much of fat is linked with a higher risk of heart disease and may lead to overweight. FYI: 1g of fat contains 9kcal

Fatty Facts

fat is present in so many different foods that most of us don't even give it a thought yet nearly all our everyday foods contain some sort of fat. some foods are made with fats and others naturally contain it. just remember that fat DO GIVE BENEFIT to our body. we need fat to protect our internal organ, to keep our body temperature maintain and to warm our body during cold. BUT bear in mind that we don't want it in a excessive way. just enough to fulfill our needed. basically we only need 25 - 30% fat fat from total requirement.
How to eat less fat?

-   cut down on fatty meat. choose these lean meat
-   always choose skim milk or low fat milk
-   preferred more on steamed foods rather than fried food
-   healthier snacks can be choose from fresh fruits, cereals or grains
-   do not practice eating cakes, cookies, nuts or crisps as a snacks 

you still can eat all these above food mention BUT just remember the key word


sumber: Health Education Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia

sekian. wasalam

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